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Project Artemis Version 2.8


Project Artemis is the codename for the product I have been developing for more than the past year. The purpose of this product was to help me to track my income and expenditure within my company, and to also calculate profits and money owed.

Over the course of its development, I have been using the product daily myself to act as not only the developer but also the end user. That has afforded me with the unique position of experiencing first hand my own gripes with the product and subsequently allowing me to resolve them early on.


Given that the main purpose of this product has been to replace the need for manual tracking of income and expenditure, and to also prevent the need to purchase third party software to do the same; I made the choice to stick to my areas of strength in the initial development phases. The following technologies have been used for this product.

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • C# 5
  • .NET Framework v4.6.1
  • Entity Framework 7
  • SQL Compact Edition (CE) 4.0

It has been released!

After the year or more of development spent on this product, I finally feel it is ready to be released to anyone else who may want to benefit from it. I have spent the last few months working on polishing the product by adding validation and control mechanisms, a licensing system and an auto updating mechanism. I then worked on two new projects within the Octopus Deploy workflow in order to release updates to the latter two systems and also to automatically release update packages for this product.

More recently, I have improved this website to integrate a PayPal payment system in order to deliver a simple and stream-lined process of purchasing and downloading this new product. If you find yourself in a similar position as I did a year ago: just starting out contracting and have some knowledge of what is involved in managing your company accounts; then go ahead and purchase a copy from the Downloads section.

Samuel Slade
Director | Slade Software Ltd

8th November 2016