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Now you can subscribe for updates

As a veteran in the development industry, I have spoken to many recruiters and recruiment agencies over the years. Now that I am contracting, I speak to so many more about possible roles or just to make a new connection. Now more than ever, it is practically impossible to easily keep track of everyone I want to update with my availabily or skills. But now there is a way!

Across this website is now an informational message near the top of the page that allows anyone interested to subscribe their email address. This will be tracked by my new system that allows me to contact those individuals with relevant updates! For now, I will only be using those email addresses to let recruiters and companies know when I am looking for work, so as to make it much easier to get in touch with the right people at the right time. However, I may leverage this same functionality in the future to better market my skills!

So... go ahead and subscribe!

Samuel Slade
Director | Slade Software Ltd

15th February 2017