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Looking to adopt an Agile framework?

I have helped restructure both teams and software architecture to implement fast moving, dynamic and agile teams; following Kanban and Scrum Agile methodologies.

Spending too much time manually deploying software?

If you are still deploying desktop and web applications manually, I can help you to automate and streamline your process; massively reducing manual deployment and verification times.

Stuck in the past with technology?

With so many technologies to choose from and new ones being developed every day, it is hard to choose which technologies to move onto. I can help to research problems and aid in making the decision of which technology to invest in and why.

Struggling to recruit good quality .NET developers?

In this fast paced era of technology, it is easy for your company to be left behind and struggle to offer the best opportunities for talented developers. I can help you decide where to invest within your software development to attract the right kind of developers.