Pershing | BNY Mellon

Contract Lead Developer (12 months with 3 extensions)

A lead developer working on the new document management system using a variety of fault tolerant, scalable and distributed .NET technologies.

LivingLens Enterprise Ltd

Contract Developer (3 months)

Back end developer delivering services to aid in the production of a short term project for a client. Building new features into an existing Web API backend on top of a document database to enhance the current product offerings.

Galleria RTS / RELEX Solutions

Full Stack Contract Developer (3 months)

I was initially tasked with working on the new cloud-based solution; implementing changes to the Angular 2 application and Web API 2 microservices. I then moved onto updating the existing Silverlight project in order to bring it inline and connect it with the new cloud-based solution.

Think Money Group

Contract .NET Developer (9 months with 2 extensions)

As the sole developer for the Intelligent Lending division, I was responsible for building and maintaining the web services behind the Ocean Finance website; offering loans and credit cards. I took up the mantle of a lead developer and worked closely with the business and third parties to increase the volume and quality of the leads.

PayStream Accounting Services Ltd

Senior Software Developer (2 years)

I was initially responsible for innovating the existing accounting package using Domain-Driven Design and a logical client and server architecture. Following, I took on a business analysis role and spent time with the teams of the accountants in order to research how they used the internal software; resulting in a project plan to develop enhancements of the software for usability and functionality.

Advanced Computer Software

Senior Software Developer (15 months)

Initial setup of the architecture and contribution to technology stack research and decisions. Part of the team marked as internal consultants for future web projects. Later moved across to develop next generation legal software in order to accelerate the project’s release schedule.